Team Introtweet Join the Cohesion Network!

The introduction of Introtweet to the network! Daniel joins Laura and Pete to tell you more on why!

Daniel, Left, is joined by Laura & Pete from Introtweet, pictured here at their new HQ in Taunton. IntrotweetLaura & Pete From Introtweet Comment

We are absolutely thrilled to be working with Dan from Cohesion Consultants & be amongst a fantastic pool of partners in & around the local area. We very excited for what the future holds & for helping even more businesses maximise the amazing potential of Social Media moving forwards.

Daniel from Cohesion Comment

I’m delighted to welcome Introtweet to the Network. Laura & Pete bring fantastic knowledge and passion and I’m excited about what the future holds. Their ethos for supporting businesses match our values therefore I’m looking forward to future collaborations.

How do I work with Cohesion & Introtweet?

Cohesion Consultants offer a no obligation, FREE initial 60 Minute consultation to discuss your business needs. Once established we build the proposition for you. We work with you in aligning business growth and support you to achieve overall increased business performance.

How do I go about using Cohesion Consultants & Introweet?

Contact Cohesion Consultants on 07932 428357 or via email or visit and we will discuss your requirements.