The Cohesion Network

The Cohesion Network

The Cohesion Network!

The Cohesion Network

As The Cohesion Network has recently launched we thought it would be worth answering some questions that we have received. Treat it like an FAQ on The Cohesion Network.

What is it?

The Cohesion Network led by Daniel Abbott, is a business network platform that supports Cohesion Consultants in delivering growth strategies to business. The partners are leaders in their respective fields and offer organisations the best growth and development. Founded by myself, Daniel Abbott, the main aim was to offer Industry leading skills and expertise to businesses. I have many years experience in business but what I don’t know the partners do, this creates the perfect blend of success.

To understand how it works in more detail please don’t hesitate to contact me, I would like the opportunity to engage to share my passion.

Partners currently in the network:


 ThinkographyIntrotweet HBH Woolacotts


Will more partners join the network?

Yes there are a handful of partners that are in the network offering their services. Its a new initiative that will grow substantially so watch this space. Prospect partner meetings are being held and whilst we try to bring them into the partnership we are conscious that they need to fit our ethos. Following this practise will mean each new partner will be offering a cohesive service with growth at the forefront.

The Core Values of each partner

These are very true of each partner and stand to reason why they joined the network. They all focus on customers, under any circumstances. The quality of their work is industry leading. They are very agile so can move to suit your pace. Their performance output is again outstanding.

Cohesion Network Values

How do I use the network?

Using the network is easy. Contact Daniel at Cohesion by visiting or call 07932 428357. We will be able to discuss your requirements.


Did you know we offer a FREE Consultation to discuss your needs? FREE Consultation - Book Today

What is the process for the Cohesion Network?

Cohesion Consultants work openly with each client. Transparency is key to everything we do. We will hold the initial consultation with you to really find out more, we will ask lots of questions. Don’t worry we don’t bite! We need to ensure a complete understanding so we can then advise on the next steps. Each step of the process will be an enjoyable experience as we have your growth interests at heart.

Can I use the Cohesion Network for all business needs?

Yes, any business related issue can be discussed and resolved by using Cohesion Consultants and the partner network. The network has been created to solve any business issue. During your FREE consultation we will establish what partner is required, if any. The great thing about the partners is their ability to cross over with support channels. The transparency in the relationship with each client makes for seamless working and one thats tried and tested.

Can I recommend to a colleague, Fellow business owner or friend?

Simple answer – YES. We want the network to be used by as many companies in the UK as possible. Cohesion look to support all business types and by anyway possible.

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