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Meeting Brand Expectations – Driving Growth

Meeting Brand Expectations – Driving GrowthWin the brand

Brand Expectations or guidelines of their partner or reseller base are often not met and in many cases are brushed aside purely because the money that’s being generated by them. Simply if you perform and don’t request too much then it’s all systems go.

In many cases where you are a VAR there are contractual terms which you need to adhere to. Many of them you know but there are always some obscure terms which even the brand isn’t 100% clear about in the working relationship. I mean how often do you read a 60+ page contract!

We’ve seen first-hand the number of partners that are trading in very uncertain terms and are at risk of losing the contract on minimal trading terms and this putting your business at commercial risk.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket! 

Cohesion have worked with a number of companies that have been commercially blinkered by sticking to just one brand if supplier. Yes, if you get things right then times are good but your safety net won’t catch you because there isn’t one!! We become aligned with your existing brand, work to develop and ignite other brands harnessing the great service you provide. In doing this you create your very own safety net. More about this in our feature blog, check back or signup below. Check our approach and how we operate.

Want to access that brand but don’t have the relationship?

Adding brands to your existing customer offering is vital for the longevity of your business. There are many reasons for why you should be in negotiations with other brands or suppliers.

Increase product margin / Increased customer engagement / Increased customer appetite / Increased staff enjoyment

Its all about the INCREASE!

How can Cohesion Consultants support you?

At Cohesion we have years of experience in dealing with leading brands and understand completely what is required from both sides to make a successful business partnership. Not only do we have the contacts to influence at the right level but more importantly we understand your trading position. This allows brand engagement to take place to create the Winning Formula.

Our experience will support you to build that killer proposal to really demonstrate and showcase your business as the right strategic choice for that brand. We are more than happy to come, meet to discuss your plans and support you in the right direction. From start to finish and beyond we are able to support you every step of the way.

I want a lower purchase price; how do I get this?

In many cases relationships between suppliers and sellers are strong so this means you may feel comfortable ask for lower pricing to drive margin. Others might not be so fortunate but don’t let that worry you. If you have a proven track record then why not ask. If you don’t ask you don’t get!.

Brand Expectations

Brand expectations, could you tell what your current brands expect of you?

Understanding brand expectations are key to negotiations in many cases.

Question? Could you answer what your brands expect from you, if you were asked that question……………….I thought so!

Running the day to day business can often shift your focus and that’s understandable. Cohesion offer a service that enables you to continue doing what you do best but also builds a real picture of your current brand or suppliers expectations. Matching these to your business and the showcasing your brand by changing a few things will make the difference to that next competitive pricing tier. It’s vital that you take a strategic step back to ensure brand alignment to your day to day trade operation.

In a nut shell Cohesion do this so call and speak to us today so we can align you to start earning more from your existing brands.

Will it damage our existing brand relationship? 

NO – The brands/suppliers are making money from you, and in many cases with you doing the hard work. We are not saying that commercial loyalty is extinct but remember they would not sell as much without you. Today’s world is target driven and believe us in when we say you are part of a big equation that all adds to the monthly, quarterly and annual target or budget. We’ve seen it!

Choosing Brands

Don’t really know where to start? 

Don’t worry many of our customers have ideas but little documented. We approach this in a unique way that’s beneficial for your business. After all you will be operating differently to a competitor that’s why we are able to work with many different businesses. We fit around you and are independent which allows us to put you first to support your growth and success.

We hope you found this useful. Many views are from our own experiences but we hope that you can relate from this article.

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